Best Locations For Luxury Lodging In The World



Planning your long awaited holiday is sometimes a dream for certain people. Getting away from their busy lives, planning their retirement, or even a weekend getaway. We are all earning and earning every single day right throughout our lives, did you ever stop to wonder, is it all worth the trouble? Shouldn’t we take a break? Spend some time with our families and friends, or most importantly our spouse. In order to do all this, the most essential step is to create a holiday plan. When it comes to the so called holiday plan, lodging is one of the most crucial and important aspects. Hence here a few luxury lodging locations for you and your family to spend a great vacation.

Emirates Palace, Dubai

The best high end accommodation Queenstown you could ever ask for when it comes to spending your most loved and awaited vacation. This place is meant for luxurious experiences which is equipped with the most traditional and rich surroundings. This place consists of a 394 luxury rooms, a white sand beach, a pool with fountains and many more luxurious developments to give their guests an ultimate sultan like experience or rather a unique experience of royalty at this amazing holiday destination. This hotel is built upon providing a sensational sultan like experience with royal surroundings while also touching upon the modern amnesties.

Mardan Palace, Turkey

The Mardan Palace which was established by a single multi-billionaire Telman who wanted to provide his guests a unique luxurious experience in the style of a European. The signature offering of this hotel is the world’s largest pool which can accommodate up to 1000 guests in the pool at a given time. This hotel is designed to deliver their guests with a unique accommodation which can facilitate a royal stay. This hotel also provides a 24 hour butler for each guest which also gives the superior and sense of royalty to their guests. If you ever expect to enjoy such high, this is a definite place to be.

The Westin Excelsior, Rome

This is another luxury destination which enables their guests to have a different experience all together. There are a few unique aspects about this destination as well. This has the largest suite in all of the Roman Empire which spreads across 2 floors. This consists of a fully pledged washroom, own personal fitness gym, a separate formal dining room, latest state of the art gadgets placed in a traditional cathedral looking interior.

There are many more fabulous destinations as above mentioned, however, the above said can be considered to be the top best three locations.