Let Us Accommodate You


You’ve decided on the destination for your next holiday. You’ve seen the brochures. You’ve analysed the return trip flight expenses for the most affordable and reliable fares. You’ve decided what you’re going to see and what you’re going to do. Some sunbathing here, some exploration there. Then you realise something that fills you with dread.

You need to organise accommodation. And it’s not as easy as during an interstate trip where you find the nearest available hotel with cable TV. It’s something to be taken seriously because you want to be careful when travelling overseas.

That’s when you realise you need to be specific in your desires and luxuries. What type of room service do you require? How many people are staying in each room, if you need more than one? Will this cottage accommodation in Tasmania provide wake-up calls so that you can live your vacation to its fullest potential?

Some websites allow you to reserve accommodations prior to your arrival. If you’re travelling with a group of friends or family then you may be in luck depending on the establishment. Some establishments allow numbers of up to 8 adults and 8 children, although age qualifications apply. In the cases where websites do not allow you to choose the number of patrons, you may need to find a phone number and call them to discuss your inquiries. Or you simply move on and find another accommodation option.

Another thing you may be able to do online is check the prices of some accommodations for any given date. Some websites do allow you to calculate expenses. Make sure you use all the options available to you. If you have friends or family who have been there before, ask them. They are likely your best source of information. Some reviews may give you the minimum insight but nothing beats an elaborate, first-hand account from someone to you.

Eventually you’ll have organised everything – except for the one thing that could very well make your stay complete.
You’ve planned ahead for the activities you’ll participate in and realised you’ll need something better than a bath during the night. Then you’ll think to yourself, ‘I’d rather take a long soak in a spa than a bath.’ That’s something that needs to be considered because not all accommodation provides such a luxury. There’s nothing better than submerging yourself in hypnotising bubbly water while your mind turns to mush as you reminisce about the experiences you’ve had in less than eight hours.

And as your head sinks below the surface of the water, you’ll be glad you did everything right.