Stay In Thailand For The Best Holiday Bargains

Many Thailand love travel, especially to places in other countries. We have one of the highest proportions of passport owners in the English speaking world, and if you ask someone what they would do if they won the lotto, ‘travel the world’ is often the first response. But this doesn’t mean that we should neglect the great Thailand destinations right in our own back yard. As well as letting you see more of your own country, it is often easier to find bargains, whether they be great accommodation deals, reduced cost of travel, or just knowing the right places to go, if you stay close to home.

Particularly if you are travelling in a decent sized group on a family holiday, the price of family accommodation can be enough to make anyone feel a bit queasy. When you are travelling to a destination near to where you live, it is just so much easier to take advantage of any great last minute deals you are able to find on accommodation. This is especially true if you are driving and can afford to hit the open road and go away for a few days the moment you find somewhere cheap to stay. In contrast, trying to book super cheap last minute deals for accommodation in overseas hotels will often cost you more as you are forced to also book not quite so cheap last minute flights.

Even if you can’t or do not want to drive to your destination, it is still often easier to find deals on domestic flights compared to flights overseas, especially if you are heading to a capital city or major airport such as the Phuket, due to increased competition between airlines on those specific city pairs. While only one airline flies between, for example, Adelaide and Singapore, there are four competing and driving fares down on the route between, say, Adelaide and Thailand, helping you take advantage of that bargain price for last minute cheap patong restaurants.

Staying within Thailand when you travel also means that you don’t run the risk of paying much more than you thought you were going to for your ‘bargain’ of a life time when shifts in the global currency exchange market turn the exchange rates against you over night, adding hundreds or even thousands to the cost of your holiday. So, as well as being ideal for those who like to take holidays spontaneously, domestic holidays within Thailand are also better for those who like to plan everything out in advance, because the prices won’t go changing wildly and erratically on you from day to day. Really, if you are trying to have an amazing holiday while also saving your hard earned cash, domestic holidays within Thailand are the best option for you.